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"Freezing Time: A Winter Journey Through Duke Gardens in Durham, NC"

Step into the enchanting embrace of winter with our latest photography session at the stunning Duke Gardens. In the midst of the season's hush, we discovered a magical backdrop that transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary. Join us as we navigate the frost-kissed paths of this local gem, capturing moments that resonate with the beauty of winter.

Christmas Tree Farm Mini sessions 2022

Holiday joy meets timeless memories! At Lauren Rathbone Photography, we're thrilled to unwrap the enchantment of our Christmas Tree Farm Minis—where every snapshot captures the warmth, the laughter, and the festive spirit of the season.

Fall Minis - 2022 at the Eno

Mini sessions serve as a great alternative to my traditional photography packages. They are economical
and shorter in duration, each one lasting 15 minutes from start to finish. With fall mini sessions behind
us and many other opportunities still to come, it’s a great time to share some information and guidance
about what you can expect during these short, sweet, go-with-the-flow shoots.

Caleb's Senior Session in Creedmoor

For a mid-October session, Lake Rogers Park in Creedmoor, North Carolina is an ideal setting. With wide
open spaces, an inviting boardwalk, and a tranquil backdrop, the lake has served as the backdrop for a few of my photos in the past
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