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Photography locations near Durham, NC

Location, Location, Location
Sometimes we need a visual of what to expect at each location, hopefully this will give you an idea.
Downtown Durham

With any city life you are bound to get people in the background but with the colors of Durham you can be sure you will not get boring pictures. There is brick, Glass, Colored crosswalks, benches, low trees and more.

Good for All seasons
Duke Park (Durham)

Duke Park offers both bright trees, and dark backgrounds for portraits. This is a great location because of the space, but sometimes kids get distracted because of the very big playground. I always recommend a blanket, and bug spray. (please note, there is posion ivy around duke park, but we avoid trees and areas that are not mowed close for this reason)

Good for summer, spring and fall
Joyner Park (Wake Forest)

Joyner park is a very open land, with a lot of distance. Fall can be good during the peak season when the peacan trees turn yellow. Summer is green with a hint of barns and trees to break up the background. Winter, it is brown, and more brown.

Good for summer, spring and fall
West Point At The Eno

West point eno has a slight variety in a short distance. I tend to stay towards the bottom near the 2nd parking lot. There is barns, trees, and water (if you are willing to go in) I personally love the bridges (industrial and wooden) and the old barns

Good for summer, spring and fall
American Tobacco

It feels urban, but small and enclosed. This is a great option for kids because they will have room to move but not be close to traffic. You can get both an industrial feel, and small town feel all in one location. This area provides water falls, stairs, differnt backgrounds and bridges

Great year around
Duke East Campus

This location has a lot to offer, but tends to be busy. There are tall trees with plenty of room, natural walk way, bright trees, brick buildings with arches and even marble buildings and and open grounds

Good for spring, fall, and summer
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