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Lifestyle - Newborn 2 weeks old and fighting sleep

At only two weeks old – right at the sweet spot for newborn photography – this
handsome guy went against the grain and stayed awake for much of our time together.
As such, my attempts at wraps were unsuccessful, so we embraced the pacifier and
worked with his shifting needs.

Lifestyle - Newborn and family - Light, Bright, No color in sight

This lovely family chose their primary bedroom for their session backdrop, wearing white clothes to
complement the white and neutral shades of their decor. This color palette, along with ample natural
light streaming in from the couple's large bedroom windows, created a beautiful series of bright,
dreamy photographs.

Lifestyle - Newborn and family - Dramatic light

For this beautiful family's session, we planned to optimize their new baby boy's introduction with
dramatic lighting photography. Playing up the contrast between dark and light, these kinds of pictures
often lead to amazing black and white captures.

Lifestyle Newborn session

This fun little guy was full of life during our session. Like the muslin blanket, the soft hues of his parents’ bedroom beautifully complemented his glistening baby blues, and he was wonderfully alert for much of our time together.
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