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Brandon & Emma - Rainy day wedding in Burlington

Photographers play a significant part at every wedding, to be sure, as there will never be another
opportunity to capture those moments just the way the bride and groom envision them. At larger
events like Brandon and Emma’s ceremony and subsequent reception, I would be lost without my
second shooter. Abby has an incredible eye for the moments and details
that matter, and she is the perfect complement to my own skills behind the camera.

Darin and Nora

Darin and Nora are incredibly kind and perceptibly in love. Their adoration for one another buzzed
around the celebration on their sunny wedding day, warming us in spite of the chill in the February air.

Intimate wedding in Oxford, NC

Maybe it’s because my wedding was small – only me, my husband, and two friends – and I remember
well the big emotions a small ceremony can hold. No matter their size, though, weddings often share
the same key elements: a flurry of activity, an air of excitement, and the unmistakable glow of love. This
one, hosted at Carlee Farm in Stem, North Carolina, had all of that and more.

Rustic Farm Fall Wedding in Oxford, NC

The perfect intermingling of sun and clouds over Oxford, North Carolina had to be kismet. As
Alyssa and Brandon felt the expectant pitter patter of their eager hearts, the moments leading
up to their vow exchange were surreal. Wrapped in rustic, charming details, Carlee Farm gave
an enchanting, storybook feel to a wedding I’ll always remember.
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