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Caleb's Senior Session in Creedmoor

For a mid-October session, Lake Rogers Park in Creedmoor, North Carolina is an ideal setting. With wide
open spaces, an inviting boardwalk, and a tranquil backdrop, the lake has served as the backdrop for
a few of my photos in the past

Downtown Durham Senior session 2022

Senior session at Durham Bulls Park / American Tobacco Campus
In this mid-September photo shoot, I worked with a young man whose love for baseball and fast cars emanated out of nearly every pore. Since he was working at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park while still attending school, it made sense to tie in his passions with a casual session at the ballpark.

Senior Session on a lake

This smiling senior had an air of confidence and authenticity that radiates from his photos. The way he
carried himself was unmatched. Following a simple prompt – “walk down this pier like you would in the
hall on the first day of your senior year” – he owned the dock, striding with pride and poise.

Duke University Seniors Group

For me, photographing graduates is a high honor. In this significant rite of passage, someone chose me out of a sea of photographers to be their historian – giving me the precious opportunity to manifest their memories behind my lens, frame by frame.

Senior session at American tobacco campus

Single color outfits can be seem boring and plain but with the right photographer and posing it can change the whole outlook of the picture. At American Tobbaco Campus there is a lot of background noise, so making your subject stand out will require a simple approach to attire.
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