Photography gallery from popular locations near Durham, North Carolina - Lauren Rathbone - Photographer in Durham NC

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Lifestyle - Newborn and family - Light, Bright, No color in sight

This lovely family chose their primary bedroom for their session backdrop, wearing white clothes to
complement the white and neutral shades of their decor. This color palette, along with ample natural
light streaming in from the couple's large bedroom windows, created a beautiful series of bright,
dreamy photographs.

Lifestyle - Newborn and family - Dramatic light

For this beautiful family's session, we planned to optimize their new baby boy's introduction with
dramatic lighting photography. Playing up the contrast between dark and light, these kinds of pictures
often lead to amazing black and white captures.

Sunny Downtown Durham Day

For this sweet couple, I had the pleasure of not only serving as their photographer, but their tour guide, too. Being a Durhamite (born, raised and will die here) I knew a lot about the landmarks and plenty of expierence taking photos here

Duke University Seniors Group

For me, photographing graduates is a high honor. In this significant rite of passage, someone chose me out of a sea of photographers to be their historian – giving me the precious opportunity to manifest their memories behind my lens, frame by frame.

Senior session at American tobacco campus

Single color outfits can be seem boring and plain but with the right photographer and posing it can change the whole outlook of the picture. At American Tobbaco Campus there is a lot of background noise, so making your subject stand out will require a simple approach to attire.
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