Photography gallery from popular locations near Durham, North Carolina - Lauren Rathbone - Photographer in Durham NC

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Family photos by the waterfront

They gathered for her - the matriarch in her own right - all making their way from out of thown to answer her heart's desire: Family photos to line her walls.

Lifestyle Newborn session

This fun little guy was full of life during our session. Like the muslin blanket, the soft hues of his parents’ bedroom beautifully complemented his glistening baby blues, and he was wonderfully alert for much of our time together.

Darin and Nora

Darin and Nora are incredibly kind and perceptibly in love. Their adoration for one another buzzed
around the celebration on their sunny wedding day, warming us in spite of the chill in the February air.

Christmas Tree Farm Photos

2021 was a unique for Christmas trees. during the pandemic of 2020 everyone had time at home and purchased real trees to enjoy the holiday season. Unfortunately that lead to a over-cutting of trees lined up for 2021. These photos were taken on a farm with the tiniest christmas trees I have seen.

Late Fall photo shoot at the Eno

You know that time of the year when the leaves are the crunchist, the air is the coldest, and everything around you looks bare and forgotten? Most people assume this would be the worst time to take photos, but remember there is beauty all around, you just need to know where to look
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